First bike taxi service in Gurgaon from December 1

Gurgaon: A good news for those who finds it difficult to cover the way to their respective destinations after getting down from Metro trains or even don't like to waste their crucial hours in traffic jams every day. Bike taxis are all set to hit Gurgaon's roads from December 1, which will not only offer cheaper rides but also faster mobility in the city. The service is being launched by a city-based startup, M-Taxi, founded by Arunabh Madhur.

Reportedly, the fare for the two-wheeler service is competitively priced at Rs 25 for the first 3 km and Rs 5 per km thereon. The service will operate from two metro stations - Huda City Centre Metro station and MG Road -, where passengers can hop on and pay for the ride at the end of their journey.

The two-wheeler service concept has already a great success in other cities such as Hanoi, Bangkok, London, Sao Paulo and in Goa within India.

The M-Taxi service will initially start with ten 100 cc bikes, which will be ridden by fully trained bikers. The bikes will have a commercial registration numbers, which will be highlighted in yellow number-plates.

Necessary approval to start the service has already received from the district transport department, Gurgaon traffic police and the state transport authority.

Madhur, founder and CEO of M-Taxi said, “We have very carefully studied its feasibility before hitting the road." He further added that though the service will initially start as a hailing taxi service, they will soon launch an app for an on-demand bike taxi model as well.

Madhur on the safety concerns said that all the bikers will carry an extra helmet for the pillion rider to ensure safety. Apart from this, to ensure hygiene, there will be a disposable cap and wet tissues.

"We have also carved out a special insurance package, which not only covers our riders but also our passengers while they are commuting with us," he added.

"We are looking at trips ranging from 3-10 km and the target segment is the bottom of the pyramid population," Madhur said.

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