After proposing to modify the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, the Centre is now planning to change rules for the Shipping Industry, Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has said.

"In shipping, we are very backward. We need all kinds of infrastructure. All laws are old. It should be thrown out," Mr. Gadkari said at a meeting organised by the Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Chennai late on Monday.

The Ministry, after observing that the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 was old and required modifications, announced its decision to change it recently. "We have the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. We are going to change it. We do not need an RTO (Regional Transport Office). There was corruption of crores of rupees (in RTO offices) and we are going to stop it," he said.

"We need to bring in transparency. We have already started the process. If somebody was seen violating rules through the online system, immediately we can cancel his license or see what his earlier violations are," the Minister said.

Observing that the country requires nine joint ventures in ship building projects, he said, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a decision. We are also making a policy (for bringing nine ship building projects). We are searching for national and international companies to have joint ventures."

“One company has come forward to do one ship building project. Similarly, we are also looking at ship breaking projects,” he said.

Similar to Roadways, Mr. Gadkari said, the government has planned to come out with a consultancy in which 500 projects in the defence sector would be cleared. "In defence, now we have decided to have a bank for 500 projects through DPR. We are making a DPR (detailed project report) and setting up a Project Management Consultancy. For the consultancy, we are giving them responsibility and 500 projects would be cleared without any delay," he said.

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