Last date to link Aadhaar card with PAN

New Delhi: Those who will not link their Aadhaar with PAN card by today will have to face the consequences while filing their Income Tax Returns.

In order to check if your Aadhaar has been linked to your PAN or not you can simply login into your account on  the income tax department.

If the two are not linked by today, here are some consequences you will have to face.

1) Your ITR will not be processed 

you will have to face the consequences applicable for not filing the ITR . It will be treated as you have not filed your returns for the fiscal year, also the returns field would become null.

2) Notice from Income Tax Department

under the section 141(1) the income tax department would send a notice and can also levy a fine of Rs 5,000

3) Won't be able to claim losses

you will not be able to claim or carry forward loss such as a capital loss , business loss.

4) No refund

It would affect the process of refunds . Refunds shall not be granted to anyone if the ITR is not processed

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