Reserve Bank of India (RBI) employees wrote letter to Governor Urjit Patel registering their protest against Finance Ministry intervention and government influencing autonomy by appointing an official for currency coordination.  

In a letter which has quoted ''operational mismanagement'' and autonomous image of the RBI is dented beyond repair and also named appointment of senior Finance Ministry official as a "blatant encroachment" for currency management. 

The reports suggested that after demonetisation employees were doing their best.

"An image of efficiency and independence that RBI assiduously built up over decades by the strenuous efforts of its staff and judicious policy making has gone into smithereens in no time. We feel extremely pained," the United Forum of Reserve Bank Officers and Employees said in the letter addressed to Dr Patel. 

Two of four signatories, Samir Ghosh of All India Reserve Bank Employees Association and Suryakant Mahadik of All India Reserve Bank Workers Federation has already confirmed the letter which was sent to highest RBI post.

As per Samir Ghosh, Over 18,000 employees of the RBI are in forum.

The letter also said that RBI is performing its duties of currency management since 1935, it also said, the bank does not not need any assistance and interference from Finance Ministry .

The letter timing is also very crucial because it came days after questions raised by former governors on functioning of RBI, Man Mohan Singh (former PM), Y V Reddy and Bimal.




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