Soon RBI to issue new Rs 20/50 notes,old currency notes continue to be legal tender

New Delhi: The Reserve Bank of India is planning to surprise citizens with its another decision. Here we tell you that soon RBI will issue new currency notes of Rs. 20 and Rs. 50 in the Mahatma Gandhi series-2005.

Though it is being said that these new notes come against the backdrop of government last month scrapping Rs. 500/1000 currency notes to crack down on black money.

Meanwhile, providing a relief to the people, the bank stated that all the banknotes in the above-mentioned denomination issued by the Bank in the past will continue to be legal tender.

RBI in its statement said, 'The design and security features of these banknotes will be similar to the banknotes of Rs. 20 denomination with the ascending font of numerals in both the number panels and without intaglio print issued earlier in Mahatma Gandhi Series- 2005'.

Although there is news that the new currency Rs 500 notes were issued in a completely new ‘avatar’ from colour to size and to image on its reverse.

However, the size of the new banknote is 63mm x 150mm and the colour is stone grey. Not only this it also replaced the image of Dandi March from an image of the Red Fort in Delhi on the reverse.

Moreover, the new banknotes of the two low-value currency notes will be same.

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