Hurry! Flipkart, Infosys among  others comes out to help staff over demonetisation crisis

Two weeks ago, the PM of the country Mr. Narendera Modi made an announcement regarding high-denomination notes, that 500-1000 rupee notes would became illegal.

After that people faced problems of cash withdrawal. To meet the requirement they have to stand in long queues outside banks every day for two-three hours.

To see the problems of their employees India Inc. is coming all out to help them tide over the cash crunch.

With the aim to help its employee to meet their cash needs companies, including InfosysBSE 1.37 %, Flipkart, Mahindra & Mahindra, MakeMyTrip, Godrej, EY, Chaayos,, Vodafone, Ericsson India and Marico, have been proactive since November 8, more so as the end of the month approaches and the next salary cycle starts.

These companies bring banking facilities to the office premises .

Not only this they also switch to cashless modes of transactions such as plastic currency and mobile or digital wallets. Apart of this, they have been generous with time off for staff.

Flipkart, the E-commerce giant situated in Bengaluru, has tied up with a bank with the aim to set up desks at its offices where old notes can be swapped for new in accordance with RBI guidelines.

It is to be noticed that this facility has been used by more than 60% of the employees here.

According to the  Flipkart spokesperson, 'This provision was also availed by office support staff as they would need it the most.'

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