An army school in Pakistan's Peshawar was attacked by six terrorists from Tehreek-e-Taliban today which killed 126 people including more than 100 children.

Eyewitnesses say the terrorists, dressed in army uniforms, entered the school through a graveyard near the back entrance. They torched a vehicle, entered the school premises and started firing.

The students present in the school are held hostage by the terrorists who are said to be on a suicide mission.

Worried parents and security forces have gathered at the spot.

Heavy gunfire could be heard from inside the school as soldiers surrounded it. According to an official tweet, artillery, helicopters, military, police, intelligence and ground forces are in the area to stop the terrorists.

There is chaos everywhere in the school due to gunfire and shouts of panicked parents.

Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif has issued a strong condemnation of the attack.

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