Pakistan witnessed another gruesome attack on minorities when terrorists on Sunday targeted the Christian community in Lahore, killing at least 15 people in suicide hits on two different churches within a radius of 500 metres in Youhannabad.

The incident, which also left 78 people injured, sparked violent protests, resulting in lynching of two suspected militants and damage to infrastructure. For the first time the Christian community reacted violently to an act of brutality.

The incident took place when Christians were busy worshiping at 11:15 am in one of the most notable areas for the minority community in Asia.

Two suicide bombers exploded themselves when they met resistance at the entrance of the two main churches – St John Church of Youhannabad and Christ of Pakistan Church – considered to be the biggest churches for the Christians in the country.

The terrorists, said to be four in number, reached the main gates of the churches and tried to make their way into the building when the prayers were about to end. First, they opened fire on the security guards and people around and then exploded themselves on failure to enter into the churches.

Police contingents could not reach the blasts sites for quite some time as the violent protesters did not allow them to get closer. However, media was given access to the sites but partially.

The Punjab government has announced one-day mourning on March 16 over the tragedy.

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