New  Delhi:  The world is about to witness the longest Lunar eclipse of  the  century. Lunar eclipse is the situation in which the earth comes in between the sun and the moon, and the sun, earth and moon remains in a single straight line. In this scenerio the earth completely blocks the sunlight reaching the moon,  which generates the condition called as Eclipse. 

India and other parts of the world are going to experience  the longest lunar eclipse of the century on 27th of july, 2018. The most noteworthy thing about this eclipse is it's extraordinary length.

The longest moonlight of the century will be seen in India at around 11.45 pm, which will last till 4 am. The experts believe that if anyone missed this beautiful moment today, will have to wait till 2131.

According to the Full Moonlight will remain for about 1 hour and 42 minutes.During this people will also see blood moon. It happens like this, when the whole moon passes through the shadow of the earth's soil in the sky.

It is believed that cycles of the moon have an impact on the human body system; both physically and psychologically. There are different beliefs and practices in connection with the lunar eclipse across the country. 

*- People should not eat and drink anything for a selected period during lunar eclipse.

*- Pregnant women should remain inside the house, during the eclipse period.

*All the temples remains closed during the eclipse time.

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