New Delhi: US permanent representative to U.N Ms. Nikki Haley ended her three day tour to India on Thursday. Haley was born to Indian immigrant parents in Punjab. She called the Indo-American community as “highly educated and philanthropic” during her tour.

Ms. Haley met with PM Narendra Modi, External Affairs minister Shushma Swaraj and other officials and delivered a speech on "Advancing India-US Relations" at the Observe Research Foundation event.

On journalist Shujat Bhukhari case, Nikki Haley said "the US is approaching his front line partner  differently than in the past". She added" But we cannot tolerate its (Pakistan) government, or any other government, giving safe haven to terrorists. We won’t tolerate it. We are communicating this message to Pakistan more strongly than in the past and we hope to see changes,”.

Calling Iran a “threat” to the world, U.S. envoy to the U.N. Nikki Haley raised concerns over trade with Iran with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She said “President [Donald] Trump has said we need to hold Iran to account".

 Ms. Haley further said in the interaction organised by the think-tank ORF in the capital that "Tehran’s violations of its nuclear commitments and alleged sponsorship of terrorism made it the next North Korea”.

Ms Halley added“We are going to keep the pressure on [Iran] and we hope all other countries will join us… I did talk with Prime Minister Modi about this as well…the U.S. is going to work with our friends and allies to ensure that we are all pushing Iran to be an accountable neighbour.”

Ms. Haley also called on India to “rethink its relationship with Iran.“I think as a friend [of the U.S.] India should decide whether [Iran] is a country they want to continue doing business with, she said adding that her conversation with Mr. Modi had been a “constructive” one".

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