In a historic decision by Supreme court of India on divorce practices applied in Muslim community,Triple Talaq, the headline not just bounded with in the boundaries of India but the appreciation knocks the door from other side of Line of Control.

Pakistani veteran actress Salma Agha, who also worked in popular Bollywood film Nikaah appreciates Prime Minister Narendra Modi efforts behind abolishing triple talaq from Indian society.

The actress termed this decision a Positive move for India, she gave full credit to PM Modi. She said this is historic decision which keeps the rights of women in safety.

She further said,the victim woman and her generation had to go through the adversities after Triple Talaq.

Plot of Film 'Nikaah'

Salma Agha plays the central character of Nilofar, a university student. Her classmate Haider, played by Raj Babbar is madly in love which is an unrequited one since Nilofar is engaged to and married to Wasim, played by Deepak Parashar. 

Theirs is not a happy marriage, and the husband is the culprit here throughout for making her life hell, and just one heated argument between the two is enough for Wasim to utter the dreadful T word three times. This means that Wasim has rendered Nilofar ‘Haram’ for himself in just a few moments by saying Talaq three times, without fulfilling the very strict and fundamental conditions set up by the Islamic sharia.  

This happened within a year of the marriage, in fact on the occasion of their first marriage anniversary. 

Nilofar marries Haider and Wasim realizes the blunder he has made and wants Nilofer back but it won’t be possible since she has remarried. He consults a Qazi (Muslim scholar) who gives him the solution which is nothing less than melted lead being poured down his ears. 

Son, you got to pay the price for the gaffe and ignorance of the Islamic laws which you so convincingly abused to throw your lawfully wedded wife out of your life. 

It is not an easy solution, it is ‘Halala,’ which requires the divorced woman to marry another man, consummate the marriage and then her second husband divorces her so that her first husband can remarry her, all this to be in the proper ambit of the law. 

Supreme Court on Tuesday Suspended the triple talaq verdict for the next six months with immediate effect. The Apex court also asked the Parliament to bring in the new law to govern the issue. Three out of five judges hearing the case have declared triple talaq as 'arbitary' and 'unconstitutional'.



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