'Makeover' is the term, the news is flashed like a lightning speed in world media.

Saudi Arabia, country known for its tough laws for women across country now planning to open a luxury beach resort where women will be allowed to wear bikinis.

The Saudi's crown prince Mohammed bin Salman announced a Red Sea resort on a country's northwest coastline.

As per the reports the monarch trying to modernize the economy of the Saudi Arabia.

In the country where women are not allowed to drive and are unable to travel without permission from male member of family and also they have to cover their skin and face with traditional 'Burqa'.

But the government has said the resort will be “governed by laws on par with international standards”.

The resort, spread over 200 miles of golden beaches and 50 “untouched natural islands” will allow women to sunbathe in bikinis even when men are nearby.

In the resort tourist need a visa to travel, resort likely to offer adventures activities such as parachuting, trekking and rock climbing

The development and construction work is set to begin in 2019 and the first phase is predicted to be completed by 2022.



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