After Geeta's return, India to send back Ramzan

After the return of deaf and mute Geeta from Pakistan nearly 15 years later, Ramzan, a Pakistani boy will get finally get to go back to his home country and reunite with his mother in Karachi.

According to the Prime Minister's Office, the Indian government has begun re-assessing the case of 15-year-old Mohammad Ramzan who has been stranded in India for about two years.

Reports say, Ramzan entered into India from Bangladesh some four years ago after escaping from his allegedly abusive step-mother and father in Bangladesh. Ramzan's father had reportedly shifted to Bangladesh from Pakistan around five years ago and re-married there.

The Pakistani boy, who was caught in Bhopal in 2013 without valid papers, has been staying at a shelter in there since then.

A campaign has been launched by Ansar Burney, a well-known Pakistani activist, to reunite Ramzan with his mother. Burney has played a key role in Geeta's return to India.

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