Narendra Modi was scheduled to address an election rally in Jamshedpur's Gopal Maidan and in Ranchi's Morabadi Maidan today.

Addressing the rally in Jamshedpur, Modi said, "the people of this country have rejected dynastic politics. Just imagine, you have punished them so severely that they couldn't even get the post of Leader of Opposition. Yet they haven't learned any lesson. They are talking in the same tone.This is because they feel that they are born to govern."

Modi promised to change the face of Jharkhand within 5 years and said that his government has framed policies that will not allow anyone to loot coal anymore.

"Give BJP a clear mandate and I assure you that change will come within five years. If there is no coal or iron ore in Jharkhand, will it not hamper lives of the people of the state? The government has now formulated schemes so that Jharkhand could benefit. Coal alone can brighten Jharkhand and the entire nation. But governments of the past have misused natural resources. Jharkhand kept getting poorer, its youth left their homeland and went from state to state in search of employment. Jharkhand has now been left behind."

"The policies that we have framed will not allow anyone to loot coal anymore. Jharkhand has now been left behind.You have the strength to provide employment to all the youth of the nation. You are most powerful", said Modi.

This campaigning by the parties is done for the second phase of Assembly elections which will be held on December 2.

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