India's first full time female Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented her annual finance budget for the 2019 year before the Lok Sabha session on Thursday, July 5 which included many new and worth appreciation announcements. Sitharaman said that there are plans to help women, villages, farmers and agriculture too. Trying to leave no place untouched FM presented the budget wrapped in a red cloth alike the annual budgets from the traditional India.

The key announcements of the budget include:

*The first target would be on roads, rural developments and rural regions. There would be huge investments to improving the country's infrastructure.
*Tax rates would be manipulated. The tax rates for the companies having an annual turnover less than $59m would be reduced by 25 to 30% while the same would be increased by 3% for the top earners.
*Options to open up foreign direct investment in the aviation, media and animation, and insurance sectors would looked and discussed ahead to increase foreign investments to spur economical growth.
*Products including deisel, petrol and gold, etc would also observe hike in price this year.
*Through a new tenancy and affordable housing framework common people of the country are likely to get helps details of which are yet to be released.
India could grow to a $5 trillion (£4 trillion) economy in the next five years (from $2.7 trillion) said FM nirmala Sitharaman. It would be interestimg thing to see how helpful and successful this budget would be at it's end.

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