New Delhi: On August 15, 71 years of independence has been completed. PM Modi unfurls the tricolor on the ramparts of the Red Fort at 7.30 am on Wednesday morning. Earlier, PM Modi paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, Rajghat. After this, PM Modi addressed the country from Red Fort for about 82 minutes. 

PM Modi's made remarks, while addressing the nation:

*-We do not streak on the butter but streak on the stone. The target of doubling the farmers' income till 2022 is fixed:PM.

*-To modify agriculture is a great demand for the present time.Before 2014, the world's dignitaries and economists used to say that the economy of India  is full of risks, but the same people are praising our reforms today: PM

*-When you are full of enthusiasm and if you intend to do something for the country, then the law of Anonymous property also applies: PM

*-There are many expectations and needs of the country, the central and the state government have to make constant efforts to fulfill it: PM

*-The speed at which the gas connection was being given in 2013, if we had followed the old speed, then gas connections could not even reach to every house in years: PM.

*-The speed at which the optical fiber was being carried out to the villages in 2013, many generations would have passed in connecting every village of the country with optical fiber: PM

*-PM said that India will show the whole world a way to get rid of all kinds of bonds.

*-North-East is coming up with news that is inspiring the country: PM

*- There was a time when North East felt that Delhi was too far, today we have brought Delhi to the door of North East: PM

*-13 million currency lanes, in which 4 crore people have taken loan for the first time, they testify in their own words, changed to India: PM

*-It is my good fortune that on this sacred occasion, I have had the opportunity to give another good news to the country. Year 2022, i.e. in the 75th year of independence and if possible, India is taking the tricolor in space: PM

*-There were six crore people who were not born and the benefits of government schemes were going on in their name: PM

*-If anyone gets the virtue with the plans then the honest taxpayers get the government, not the government: PM

*-The country is celebrating honesty today: PM

*-Atal ji was called for Jammu and Kashmir- Humansit, Kashmiri, Jamururi. I have also said, can be done only by embracing the solution of every problem of Jammu and Kashmir. Our government is committed to the development of all the areas and all sections of Jammu and Kashmir: PM

*-The preparations for the long pending Panchayat and Body elections are going on for strengthening democratic units in Jammu and Kashmir: PM

*-Schemes like, Housing for All, Power for All,Clean Cooking for All, Water for All: PM

*-For the nation, schemes like Connectivity for All, Sanitation for All, fields according to their skills for all, health for all, Insurance for all: PM.

*-I am baseless, because the country that has gone ahead of us, we have to go further than them

*-I am restless, in order to free the country from malnutrition obstructing our children's development

*-I am distraught, to provide proper health coverage to every poor in the country, so that they can fight the disease: PM

*-I am worried, to improve the quality of life of our citizens

*-I am impatient, because we have to lead the fourth generation of the knowledge-based industrial revolution.

*-I am desperate because I want the country to take full advantage of its capabilities and resources: PM


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