New Delhi: On August 15, 71 years of Independence has been completed. For the 5th time, PM Modi hosted the flag on the ramparts of the Red Fort at 7.30 am on Wednesday morning. Earlier, PM Modi paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, Rajghat. Further, PM Modi delivered the speech.

PM Modi's remarks on the occasion:

"On the great festival of Independence, my warm wishes to the entire nation. The country is filled with confidence of innovation. The happiness in the entire nation brings a new light of reverence and determination this morning":PM.

The great optimistic Tamil poet Subramanium Bharati once wrote down that India will not only emerge as a great nation, but also inspire others: PM.

On Baisakhi next year Jallianwala Bagh is going to complete 100 years of massacre. I commend humble tribute to every countryman who died in this massacre: PM

Giving justice to the poor, everyone should get the opportunity to move forward according to his wishes and aspirations in the nation: PM

Since 2014, I have been experiencing that the hundred and fifty million people have not stopped making government only. They are working to build the country: said PM.


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