Mumbai: A video posted on YouTube by Maharashtra boys that showed them taking the Kiki challenge has earned them the wrath of railway authorities.

A local court in Maharashtra's Palghar district ordered three persons to clean Virar railway station for three consecutive days for posting a video which showed them taking the "Kiki challenge" on a moving train.

The KiKi challenge started by the Canadian rapper Drake, involves jumping out of the moving vehicles and to dance on his song" in my feeling".

The KiKi challenge video was shot by Shyam Sharma(24) Nishant(20) and Dhruv(23) at Western Railways Virar station gone viral within a short time and was viewed by 1.5 lakh people.

The seniour Railway protection force official said that the three accused were arressted on Thursday. Shyam Sharma was arrested from the mall and he referred the address of the other two.

The accused were arrested under section 145(B), indicency and nuisance 147 (entering railway premises or damaging property) 154 (endangering safety of passengers) and 156 (performing stunts) of the Indian Railway Act.

The official said "The railway court ordered that the three men would clean all platforms of Virar station from 11 am to 2 pm and then, between 3 pm to 5 pm, will create awareness among commuters of the dangers of stunts like the Kiki challenge".


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