Mumbai: The on going days long protest by the Maratha Kranti Morcha protestors in Maharashtra, over the demand of Reservation in Government jobs and education for the community, leads to the new Morcha named "Jail Bharo".

According to the sources, the Maratha Kranti Morcha issued a notice that the community had planned to organise another agitation as "Jail Bharo Andolan" or "fill the prison protest" foe their demands to get fullfilled. The protest will took place at Azad Maidan in Mumbai.

Demands made by the Maratha Kranti Morcha protestors:

*- To take the decision on the Maratha reservation, at the earliest.

*- All the cases against the protestors should be taken back.

*- Strict actions should be taken against the police officers, for firing and lathi chrging in 25 july protest.

*-Ministers and MLA'S, who said an irresponsible statement against the Maratha community should get resigned.

*-The protestors also demanding the"justice" in the Kopardi rape case.

*-  The Maratha protestors demanding the solution for the unemployment in their community.

*- Recently, the protestors also included in their demands that government should compensate all the injured protestors and to the families of the protestors , who died.

Maratha Kranti Morcha leader Amol Jadhavarao claimed that governmment had accepted some of their demands after an all-party meeting with chief minister Devendra Fadnavis. But there is still no official written order issued in this regard.

The Mumbai police tighten up their securities measures in and around the city. The senior official claimed that ample of security arrangements were made to tackle" Jail Bharo Aandolan" and to maintain Law and Order in the city.


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