The mysterious deaths of 11 members of the Bhatia family in North Delhi's Burari have scared the hell out of many across India.

While the Delhi Police has been pointing towards an "occult angle" from the very first day, in a fresh development on Friday, the investigating team has decided to conduct the psychological autopsy to ascertain the psyche of the 11 deceased, who were found dead under mysterious circumstances on July 1.

Psychological autopsy refers to mapping the psyche of the living family members and the mental health of the deceased.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Delhi police claimed to have solved the mystery of Burari horror house, saying that the mass suicide was an act of gratitude to God.

"The family committed suicide in a thankful gesture to god. Lalit was giving the family instructions he had received from the soul of his father, Gopaldas who died 10 years ago. The family has been benefitted from the instructions and started believing in Lalit. From just one shop, they have made it to four shops. Also, the marriage of their ‘manglik’ daughter was fixed," Delhi police said in a statement.

However, the police are still awaiting the final post-mortem and the forensic report. The viscera of the bodies will also be sent for forensic examination to ascertain whether the members were poisoned before hanging.


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