Gorakhpur: Ramesh Shah, the mastermind of Gorakhpur terror funding was arrested by UP ATS from Maharashtra.

According to reports, on March 24, six accused, involved in terror funding were arrested from Gorakhpur and the information revealed by the accused in which Ramesh Shah's name was highlighted.

It is being said that Ramesh Shah was in direct contact with the foreign dealer residing in Pakistan.

The dealer always informed Ramesh Shah about how much money has been transfered to which account, through internet calls.

Ramesh Shah shared terror fund from Pakistan, investing more than one crore more in terror funding in Jammu and Kashmir and many states of the North-East.

Ramesh Shah’s six partners who have taken money have already been arrested earlier. Ramesh Shah is the owner of Satyam Shopping Mall in Gorakhpur. As soos as he got the news about the ATS operation, Ramesh Shah fled from Gorakhpur to Pune.

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