Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday takes dig at Congress party saying it has ''cheated'' people by just laying foundation stones for projects. 

Prime Minister was speaking at an event organised to start work on the Rs 43,129 crore Barmer oil refinery in Rajasthan.

He lashed on to opposition saying that Congress walk hand-in-hand and the state saw the end of drought when the party was shown the door.

PM Modi added that the Congress had only laid foundation stones for projects across the country to claim credit. Railway lines were announced just to claim short-term popularity with projects never ever seeing the light, he said.

Congress, PM Modi, had "hoodwinked" people by making just announcements.

PM Modi also said that the Congress had seen his commitment to one-rank-one-pension scheme for defence personnel and provided for Rs 500 crore in the interim budget just before the 2014 general elections to claim credit.

"Barmer refinery was at least on papers, OROP wasn't even on paper," he said, adding that no groundwork on the beneficiaries or on the outgo was ever done. It took one-and-half-years to collate the list of beneficiaries of OROP and the implementation cost Rs 12,000 crore as against Rs 500 crore provided by the Congress," he said.

He said while the Congress just gave the slogan of 'garibi hatao' (remove poverty), the BJP government has worked towards doing so by way of providing free cooking gas (LPG) connection to poor women and giving free power connection to the four crore households that still do not have electricity.

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