Former Defence Minister and Samajwadi party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav on Wednesday said that India is facing huge threat from China and dragon is increasing its Army to attack us.

The statement came amid in Sikkim standoff where People liberation Army of China illegally standing on Indian land.

During During the Monsoon session of Parliament, Mulayam Singh asked the government to change its stand on the Tibet issue and support its independence.

India is facing a danger from China. I have been cautioning the central government for years. China has joined hands with Pakistan. 

“China is India’s biggest opponent. What has the government done? In Kashmir, the Chinese army has allied with the Pakistani army,'' Yadav said in LoK Sabha.

He also claimed that China had hide nuclear weapons in Pakistan to target India, adding that Indian intelligence agencies “would know better”.

“China is our enemy, not Pakistan. Pakistan can do us no damage,” he said.

It was India’s responsibility to protect Bhutan and China was eyeing Nepal, he said. He also spoke against the growing trade and massive amounts of Chinese goods finding a market in India.



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