Addressing the bureaucrats on the civil services day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that he did not lack the political will to carry out reforms as he asked the civil servants to break the wall  and work together as a team to perform and transform.

''The time has come for out of the the box thinking and from being a regulator, the government needs to become an enabler,''PM Said.

"Political will can reform but bureaucracy performs and public participation transforms. We have to bring them in one wavelength," he said.

"To reform, political will is needed. I do not lack it and may be having a bit extra," the Prime Minister said.

PM Modi also said that officers should introspect and work actively  if their experience is becoming a burden.

He said hierarchy in bureaucracy remains an issue which has been inherited from colonial rulers and "was not left behind in Mussoorie (where civil service academy is located)".

The Prime Minister said the role of the government was very strong but things have changed since the last 15 years.

He also asked the civil servants to use social media, e-governance and mobile governance for the welfare of the people by reaching out to them. 


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