In massive police raid at a farm house in Vadodra (Gujarat) more than 261 high profile people were detained for allegedly consuming alcohol.

Blood test of 134 women and 125 men were conducted their was two British nationals among them.

The big name which got detained is Indian Premier League (IPL) former chairman and Pharmaceuticals and real estate firm Alembic Ltd's chairman Chirayu Amin. Several other top business tycoon were also nabbed. The farm house is owned by Jitender Shah, and his son.

The case on farmhouse owners has been booked under the Gujarat government's new ordinance on liquor storing and consumption. A new prohibition law in Gujarat says consuming liquor is an offence punishable by 3 years' imprisonment.

The owners could be jailed for up to 10 years.

Gujarat is a Dry State and Liquor is prohibited in State buying,selling alcohol is against the law.

 Vadodara Rural SP Saurabh Tolambia  Said, As per the information from sources,police has raided the farm house with forming five teams, including women police officers, police seized a total of 103 bottles of liquor, 116 bottles of beer, and 80 cars.

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