The Vishwa Hindu Parishad activists stopped their 'ghar wapsi' program at Arnai village in Valsad after prime minister Narendra Modi's disapproval on the matter.

At least 500 tribal Christians were 'reconverted' here on Saturday which created a controversy.

"It is said that PM Narendra Modi expressed his displeasure with VHP leaders about Saturday's event," said a VHP functionary on condition of anonymity. However, VHP international president Pravin Togadia said that no fresh instruction has been issued either to start or stop any activity of the organization.

But on the other hand, VHP in Madhya Pradesh claimed that 6 lakh converted Hindus 'returned home' on Sunday. In Kerala, at least 30 dalit Christians from eight families were 'reconverted' at a function at Alappuzha.

"At least 40 lakh conversions have been stopped till now", said a VHP official.

Also, speaking at a book launch in Delhi, VHP chief Ashok Singhal said, "The Hindu culture and religion have been subjugated for the last 800 years and now we can say we have a government which is committed to protecting Hindutva."

Another Gujarat VHP leader said, "VHP is not under any pressure from the government and its activities will continue. We will take care that our programs don't spread hatred in society."

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