The Kerela High court lifted life ban imposed on the cricketer S.Sreesanth

The Kerala high court on Monday set aside the lifetime ban on the cricketer S.Sreesanth by BCCI. Alleging engagement in spot-fixing during an Indian 

Premier League (IPL) match in 2013.The court said in the judgment, "the evidence filed were not appropriate for discriminating . Analyzing evidence in 

such manner suited to the disciplinary committee resulted in losing its dimension to find out the truth. If evidence as a whole is appreciated, it can easily 

be concluded that Sreesanth had no direct link in spot fixing or betting.The court point out that the decision was entirely based on circumstantial evidence.

The court also noticed that in this while Sreesanth  never tried to separate from his friend Jiju Janardhanan,the court said, ''Sreesanth had nothing to do 

with this deal ,self satisfaction in the matter on the part of Sreesanth is really condemn able, to uphold the dignity of the game, he should have publicly.

disowned the conduct of Janardhanan, especially when his name was dragged into the controversy. Anyhow, having suffered the ban for four years, nothing more is required in this matter.''  

After the courts  order the BCCI's president C.K Khanna, said,“We have referred the issue to the legal department of the BCCI. As soon as we get their report, we will take the appropriate decision.” Former Kerala Cricket Association (KCA) president TC Mathew, now a senior member of the state association, spoke about waiting for the cricket board’s decision. “We are actually waiting for the BCCI decision. It’s up to the BCCI… The BCCI only banned Sreesanth. So the BCCI will have to give him the NOC to play. 


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