Aamir Khan has managed to ruffle up some feathers yet again. With Rajkumar Hirani's PK reigning over social networks and saffron-office discussions, there is one thing for sure. PK, banned or not, will rule the public memory for a while before passing away like every other controversy-storm that the country faces once in a while. And as the film sees itself as the rallying point of the raging controversy now - there's but one thing that is robbing the sleep off many eyes: to ban or not to ban PK. We give you five reasons why PK must be banned.

Next came in an NGO called All India Human Rights and Social Justice Front, which stated that the film contains certain sequences which are bound to hurt religious and spiritual sentiments of the people, and hence should be banned. This incident was followed by an FIR being lodged against the film’s producers Rajkumar Hirani and Sidharth Roy Kapur, by , Secretary of Hindu Legal Cell called Prashant Patel. Reports suggest that he filed an FIR as he believed that the makers of PK have portrayed the Hindu Gods, especially Lord Shiva, in a negative way.

But what’s interesting is that the Supreme Court earlier had come to the film’s aid, clearly stating that there was no need to ban the film at all. SC had rejected the plea to ban the film, and instead asked viewers to “not watch the film,” if they had qualms with its sentiment and presentation!

“If you don’t like it, don’t watch the film. Don’t bring religious facets here,” said Cheif Justice Of India RM Lodha. He further added saying,” These are matters of entertainment. If you restrict it, it will affect others’ rights. Everything is on the internet. What will you hide?”

Where many social organizations seem to have problems with the presentation and the message of the film, the SC has brought forth a completely different point of view!

5 reasons are: 

- PK is an alien. Aliens don't exist

- PK has made money. We have not

- PK has Aamir. Aamir made candlelight marches fashionable

- PK has an Indian-Pakistani lip-to-lip kiss. Hai Ram!

- PK shows a six-pack-abs-baring Aamir. What's a six-pack, again?

If, by now, you still aren't convinced enough that PK should be banned, go watch the film. Unlike most of the people who are demanding a ban on the film. At least you will be better informed, and will realise why anything that makes the remotest sense, needs to be banned. 'Cos the banned-with that the ban-seekers are adorned with, is a lot higher than their intellectual bandwidth.

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