Lucknow: In Uttar Pradesh like last time, this time also the national flag has been hosted in Madrasas of Lucknow, Mathura nad Meerut, on 15th August. After the ceremony, the student of Madrasas paid tribute to the martyrd of freedom struggle.

pic of Lucknow madrasa:

Tricolor hosted in madrasa of Mathura:

In Jamia Faizul Ullam madrassa, built in Raya of the district, students gathered to celebrate the festival of independence and dispersed the message of unity by spreading the tricolor in the madarsa.

Tricolor hoisted in madrasa in Meerut:

During the largest madrassas-Meshbaba Arabi College, children remembered the revolutionaries who were involved in the fight of freedom and their memories of martyrdom were fresh.

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