Lucknow: On August 15, 71 years of independence has been completed. On this occasion, CM Yogi Adityanath inaugurated the celebration of independence by hosting the national flag  in the capital Lucknow on Wednesday. On this occasion the Chief Minister bowed down to the martyrs of the country and paid tribute to them. Further, CM Yogi had addressed the people.

CM Yogi's remarks in his speech;

*-Our country is one of the oldest nation of the world. We are all heirs of the tradition of thousands of years. Despite all this, why this country is enslaved, today's occasion gives us an opportunity to think about this: CM Yogi

*-There must have been some reason for gambling in the barges. We need to promise ourselves that due whichever reason we became slaves, we will not let them grow into independent India. CM Yogi.

*-There should be no discrimination in the name of the region, caste and creed, the occasion of Independence Day is giving us an opportunity to move forward with this inspiration: CM Yogi.

*-The meaning of self-determination should not be compare as personal Independence alone. Selflessness can not mean political freedom. Today's independence day also gives us the opportunity to understand the basic sense of freedom: CM Yogi.

*-Those who did not have roof on their heads were given accommodation under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme. Uttar Pradesh has secured first place in the country by providing accommodation to 8.85 lakh villagers and 4 lakh 38 thousand urban people: CM Yogi

*-The state had made significant progress in producing grains and sugarcane. Changes in security and administrative system in the state Proposals of investment were received: CM Yogi.

*-India has inspired the entire humanity to live along.We have considered India as a nation since ancient times. India cannot be considered as a piece of land. It had its own distinctive cultural identity - CM Yogi

*-New activities have been done in every region in Uttar Pradesh. There is a lot to do now. If Uttar Pradesh leads this direction then we can become an example for other states. This work will be done not by personal but by collective endeavor: CM Yogi.

*- A comprehensive work plan has been prepared for two years on the program of 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji. We will make whole of Uttar Pradesh free from defecation and every single individual should have a role in it: CM Yogi

*- The governmentt is focusing,to provide roof to every citizen till 2022. Efforts are being made to make benefits through skill development to provide jobs to the youth of the state: CM Yogi

*-We have started the"Ayushmann Bharat Scheme" for the beneficits of  laborers living below poverty line benefit. Six crore people will be added to this scheme in the first phase: CM Yogi.

*-On the establishment day of the country, we had started the branding of traditional products. Its first summit was completed on 10th August. Its better results have emerged - CM Yogi

*-Together we have to fulfill the respected Prime Minister's New India resolution: CM Yogi.

*-We are trying to provide jobs to the youth at the local level. More than 4 thousand people have also benefited. 25 lakh employment opportunities generated in 5 years through the ODOP scheme: CM Yogi

*-I bow to the brave soldiers of the police and the PAC who were martyred for the security of the state. State Government will stand to support and honor the families of brave soldiers - CM Yogi.

*-On the 72nd Independence Day, I express my gratitude towards the people of Amar Sainis and martyrs who contributed to independence, CM Yogi.

*-We have not kept the present system of the state confined to limited areas only:CM Yogi

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