Class XII boy gets hair cut as punishment in Ghaziabad's school

Ghaziabad: A teacher of Aamrapali English Senior Secondary School in Indirapuram forcefully gave a haircut to a Class XII student right inside the classroom as a form of punishment on Friday. After the incident, the boy's father has lodged a complaint against the teacher at the Indirapuram police station.

"On Friday my accounts teacher reprimanded me for keeping my hair long. Not satisfied, he called the principal and on his order chopped off my hair with scissors he had brought with him," said the student.

"The fact that it happened in front of the class and was very humiliating," he added.

According to SHO Gorakhnath Yadav: "We have received a complaint and are contemplating action."

The teacher said, "The boy was warned many times but he did not pay heed. I informed the principal and cut his hair with the principal's consent."

"40 other children were also given a hair cut, not just him," the school's principal said.

Defending the action he further said "it was done out of disciplinary concern."

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