Delhi cop shoots self in Noida; wife attempts suicide

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Amit Singh, who was posted with Delhi Police's Special Cell killed himself in his apartment at Noida, minutes after which his wife attempted suicide by jumping off the balcony of their fourth floor of same building. She is currently hospitalized and is in a critical condition.

The incident occurred at 9.40 pm on Monday at Lotus Boulevard Apartments, where the 30-year-old cop lived with his wife Sarita and their 18-month-old daughter.

"The wife was taken to the hospital immediately. She has severe injuries on head, neck as well as on her legs. As soon as an ambulance was called to take her to the hospital, a police team went up to her flat where bloodied body of Mr Singh was lying. Police also heard cries of a child when they were inspecting the flat and immediately informed seniors. The child has been taken into preventive custody and relatives of the couple have been informed," said Kiran S, SSP Noida.

Sources say, minutes before the incident the couple had an argument which led to Singh locking himself inside one of the rooms. He then shot himself in the temple. Hearing the sound of the shot Sarita rushed downstairs for help.

The apartment's security guard and other neighbours rushed upstairs and broke open the door of the room. They found Singh's body inside, added the sources.

When she saw her husband's body, Sarita grabbed Singh's gun and tried to shoot herself, but one of her neighbours snatched the gun away, said sources. She then rushed to the balcony and before any of her neighbours could stop her, she jumped off, said sources.

Further investigation have been launched into the case.

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