Painful ! Last statement of Noida girl caught in camera before committing suicide

Noida: With the arrest of two more accused in connection with the suicide case of the 17-year-old girl, who killed herself after being repeatedly harassed and stalked by some youths, police arrested all the three youths, the girl had named in her last recorded statement. The girl had been complaining of harassment and mental torture by the three for a long time.

Rahul Sharma (25) and Shivam Shukla (20) were picked up by the police near the Hindon bridge. The other accused, Raja (25) was arrested on Saturday.

The class XI student committed suicide by hanging herself with her 'dupatta' at her house last Friday after being repeatedly stalked by three eve teasers in Chigarshi village of Noida, identified as Shivam,Rahul and Raja. Shivam is the prime accused in the case the police said.

"During interrogation of the three accused, we found out that there was personal enmity between the families of the girl and Shivam, the main accused. Shivam and his two associates used to stalk the girl and eve-teased her." The girl's family has alleged that Shivam's parents encouraged him to harass and defame girl.

The victim’s family had accused Noida police of shielding all the three accused and of continuously contacting them to withdraw the case that led her daughter to commit suicide. Acting on their complaint, Noida police had suspended a sub-inspector over playing laxity in this case next day of the incident.

Meanwhile, the video footage of the girl, recorded on 14 October before her suicide, in which she is seen telling the cops that the three youth followed her whenever she left home, has gone viral on social media. In the video the deceased girl said: "When I leave home for school, Shivam, Mantri (Rahul) and Raja used to follow me. They threatened me they would drag me inside their car. Shivam's mother had instigated them to defame me. My and Shivam's families had some issues. To teach me a lesson, she hatched a plan. Whenever I leave home, she (Shivam's mother) taunts and verbally abuse me. I didn't reveal the harassment as they had threatened to kill my brother if I tell anyone."

Police is investigating how the video was leaked from the evidence in police’s custody. “We have sent all the accused in judicial custody. Also, police have detained one of the accused person's mother whose name was taken by dead girl.” SP added. 

An FIR was registered against these three accused under section 354 in Phase-III police station.

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