Woman SHO complains of misbehaviour by cops in Noida

Team of traffic police and home guards misbehaved with a woman SHO, Lakhsmi Chauhan, in Noida who was driving in plain clothes.

Chauhan alleged that some traffic cops and home guards stopped her near Jaipuria crossing and asked for papers of the car she was driving while she was on her way from Indirapuram to her workplace.

"They had stopped several cars along the road and were demanding bribes from them. They mistook me for another commuter as I was in plainclothes. One of them jumped in front of my car and asked me to halt by the roadside", said Chauhan.

Despite of carrying all the valid papers of the vehicle, Chauhan was not allowed to leave. Also the constables verbally misbehaved with her. "They scolded me and told to keep quiet", she said.

She called the SP (city) Dinesh Yadav and filed a complaint against the cops who were subsequently taken into custody. Meanwhile, Chauhan also claimed to have seen them trying to extort several commutars in Sector 62.

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