DND management announced hike in toll tariff

The toll tariff for the Delhi Noida Direct flyway has increased from today, as announced by the DND management.

As per the announcement, toll rate of non-commercial cars has been hiked from Rs 25 to Rs 28, for light commercial vehicles (LCV) has been hiked from Rs 55 to Rs 70, buses and trucks from Rs 70 to Rs 85, large vehicles from Rs 100 to Rs 120 and extra large vehicles from Rs 130 to Rs 155.

There is no hike for two wheelers.

The flyway is an eight-laned 9.2 km access controlled tolled expressway which connects Delhi to Noida. It was built and is maintained by the Noida Toll Bridge Company Ltd.

The hike is only for cash paying commuters as those driving four wheelers and non-commercial vehicles and having cards can avail the existing toll rates.

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