Mid-day meal: Over 100 students fall ill after drinking milk in Agra

Agra: At least 125 school children have been admitted to different hospitals in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh after consuming mid-day meal served at a government school on Wednesday. According to the reports received so far, students started vomiting after they drank milk served to them along with cooked food under the mid-day meal scheme. Students then rushed to the nearest hospitals in Agra. 

According to a news agency, "The children had milk in their mid day meal and then started vomiting blood says kin of one of the children in Agra." 

He added that this he is very concerned about his relative and want to know the reason behind this irresponsible behaviour.

"20-25 children have been hospitalized, rest of the children being rushed to different hospitals in Agra," it added.

Taking action soon after the incident, 20-25 children were hospitalised while others remaining had been taken to different medical centres in Agra. 

Though the incident is not new for the mid-day schemes, any statements from the government sides is yet to be known.

Earlier, several cases of mid-day meal food poisoning surface in India every year.

On 2 September, around 82 children had fallen ill after eating the mid-day meal served at government primary school in Chinhat area of Uttar Pradesh's Lucknow city. District Magistrate had asked the food safety department to test the food samples.

In a similar incident in Madhya Pradesh last month, at least 52 children fell unconscious after eating the mid-day meal served at a government school in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh. Students were saved in both the cases.

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