Hike in entry fees from next month for visiting Taj Mahal

A revision of rates is expected to come into effect from the next month making the Taj Mahal visits costlier.

Though not a big amount but more than what it is currently, Taj Mahal entry will be Rs 40 for Indians and Rs 1,250 for foreigners, up from the present Rs 20 and Rs 750 respectively.

Reports state that the entry fees hike will be enforced at all the centrally protected monuments across India.

The hike in entry fees will hit Taj Mahal visitors more than the others because they will have to pay an additional toll levied by the Agra Development Authority (ADA). The agency charges Rs 10 from domestic travelers and Rs 500 from foreigners as toll tax.

According to reports the entry fee to the Taj could further rise if the state government green-lights ADA's proposal to hike their toll tax. Tourism leaders have already expressed their apprehension over the price hike.

In short, a domestic tourist will have to pay Rs 40 (Rs 30+10), while a foreigner will have to dole out Rs 1,250 (Rs750+500) to enter the Taj Mahal.

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