12th success to Samachar Plus's "WANTED" programme, Wanted criminal 'Vinod alias Gadau Pasi' arrested in Kaushambi

Allahabad: A wanted criminal carrying a reward of Rs 50,000 on his head was arrested by Allahabad police from Kaushambi on Thursday.
The arrested criminal who has been identified as 'Vinod alias Gadau Pasi' was wanted in connection with over a dozen criminal cases.

Vinod Pasi, resident of Dhoomanganj, was wanted in several cases of extortion, murder, attempts to murder, and robberies. Four cases of murder under Section 302 and two cases of attempt to murder under Section 307 of the IPC were registered against him.

Gadau Pasi was carrying a reward of Rs 50,000 on his head and was also wanted by Civil Lines police in connection with a dacoity case.

The arrest was made possible with the help of the police team comprising of inspectors and sub-inspectors including Vijay Kumar, Jai Prakash Rai, Vijay Kumar Yadav, Hemu Patel, Jitender Singh, Shakti Singh, Arun Kumar Pandey.

Vinod alias Gadau Pasi's family has a longstanding relationship with crime and criminals. In his childhood, his mother passed away since then he was being taken care by his father 'Chotelal' who was in the business of selling illegal alcohol. Father Chotelal had also been to jail several times for his involvement in various crimes. Gadau was very much influenced by his elder brother 'Harishchand' who was the big name in the world of crime. But after his arrest, Gadau took control of the dirty business.

Three days back the 'WANTED' programme in Samachar Plus has shown the criminal history of 'Vinod alias Gadau Pasi. The programme is being directed and anchored by 'Praveen Sahni'- the man whose sole aim is to make India crime-free. Mr. Praveen is also the Executive Editor' of Samachar Plus News Channel.

This is the series of its twelfth success, Samachar Plus with all its dedication and fearless aim, moving ahead to achieve its sole aim of making India safe for its citizens by making it 'Crime-Free' nation.

Samachar Plus's mega-show "WANTED" has successfully helped Uttar Pradesh Police to nab the notorious criminals which includes, Monu Pahadi with a reward of Rs 50,000, Bhura carrying Rs 12 lakh reward, Surender Singh alias Dhara with reward of Rs 85,000, Joginder Singh alias Jugla carrying Rs 50,000 reward, Sukram Pal with Rs 2 lakh reward on their heads, Pankaj aka Bhola. While two most dreaded criminals Rahul Khatta and Anil Khera with Rs 2 lakh reward each on their heads were killed in police encounter. Now, Gadau Pasi with a reward of Rs 50,000 is behind the bars.

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