The Allahabad High Court on Wednesday granted bail to Dr Kafeel Khan, eight months are he was arrested in connection with the hospital tragedy in Gorakhpur in which sixty-three children had died due to lack of oxygen.

Kafeel is among those accused in the Gorakhpur's BRD Medical College tragedy last year in August. He was earlier brought to district hospital for medical checkup after his wife alleged that her husband was being denied medical care.

After the tests,he told media present there that he was being framed. "It is complete administrative failure and I have been framed. When the budget was not released from higher level, where from the payment could have been made (for oxygen cylinders)?" he had asked.

Asked if the jail administration was providing medicines to him, he replied in the affirmative. "Yes, they are giving (medicines)," he said.

But before soon, the police bundled him into the vehicle and he was not able to answer as to why he did not get bail despite Manish Bhandari, the director of oxygen supplier firm Pushpa Sales, got the relief. Dr Kafeel's tests were to be carried out last week but due to lack of sufficient security forces, it was delayed.

Sixty-three children, including infants had died in August 2017 within four days due to disruption in supply of oxygen.

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