Class 5 student committed suicide in Gorakhpur after consuming poison. According to the reports he was upset over punishment given by teacher.

11-year-old  Navneet Prakash, student of St Anthony's Convent School died in a hospital on Wednesday.

“Please ask my teacher to not punish anyone so severely.” This was what he had written in his last wish.

According to deceased parents, On September 15, the child had gone to school for an exam. He was visibly upset after coming back from school;.

In his suicide note, the child says that the teacher made the him stand on chair for three periods and misbehaved with him.

The family claims that there son was mentally harassed by the teacher often. They had also complained about the teacher to school management. 

The family has filed a case against the accused teacher and the school.

The school authorities are silent on the tragic issue.



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