PM Narendra Modi to interact with Varanasi farmers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will directly interact with farmers of 13 states through video conferencing on February 19 in Varanasi, which is also his parliamentary constituency. It will be the only district from Uttar Pradesh from where a group of selected farmers will get the opportunity to take part in this interaction.

According to district agriculture officer Sanjay Singh, a letter from PMO was received on Saturday regarding proposed video conferencing of PM with farmers on February 19. He said that as per this letter Varanasi is only district from UP from where farmers are getting opportunity to interact directly with PM. In view of this letter, he said, as many as 60 progressive farmers from all eight blocks have been identified to ensure their participation in this programme.

Out of these 60, he informed, five farmers are from PM's adopted Jayapur village, who will reveal what changes have taken place in the farming sector in their village after its adoption under Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana. He said that if the PMO will allow to hold the event in open field or big hall all the selected farmers will take part in the video conferencing. But, if the video conferencing will be held at NIC's conference room, he said, only 15-20 farmers will take part in interaction with the PM.

The officials are considering that PM can address the issues related to agriculture sector especially about soil health as recent survey reports on soil health have hinted for alarming deterioration in its quality. Singh said that department has completed its preparations by collecting detailed information on all related issues in order to reply the questions of PM in the case he talked about them.

If the district administration and agriculture department are busy in preparations for PM's direct interaction with farmers, the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders are terming this move of PM as a master stroke just before the launching of agitation by the personalities like Anna Hazare, KN Govindacharya and PV Rajgopal against his land acquisition policy. While Govindacharya has already opened front against acquiring land of Goshala to construct sewage treatment plan in Modi's constituency, all these activists are joining hands to launch the first movement against Modi government from February 19 to 24 by carrying out a march from Palval to New Delhi and later holding a sit-in at Jantar Mantar under the leadership of Anna.

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