Vehicles older than 15 years to pay 'Green Tax'

Collection of 'green tax' has been started by the Regional Transport Office in Kanpur from vehicles that are 15-year-old.

A total one-time tax of 10% of the tax that was paid at the time of first registration will be charged at the time of re-registration of the two or four-wheeler after it crosses its valid limit of 15 years.

Green tax or environmental tax is a tax imposed on environmental pollutants or on goods whose repeated use contributes to pollution.

The state government has decided to impose the tax to limit the number of old vehicles in the city, thereby curbing air pollution. The current emission standard of vehicles is 'Bharat 4', which produce considerably low smoke. The RTO officials suggest that implementation of the new tax will limit the smoke emitting vehicles in the city.

"Green Taxes are one of a variety of policy measures formulated by the government to control activities which affect the environment. The purpose of these environmental taxes is to reduce the extent of use of old vehicles that are not upgraded as per the new standards of pollutions.

It is believed that because of fear of paying 10% tax on every re-registration, people would opt to discard their old vehicles. This besides curbing increasing pollution in the city will also limit the number of vehicles," said ARTO, SK Singh.

Till now for re-registering a two-wheeler, the owner was charged with a nominal fee of Rs. 30, while four-wheelers had to pay Rs. 200.

But, from now onwards, they will have to pay 10% 'green tax'. According to the RTO officials, the state government would be using the 'green fund' for upgrading the infrastructure of the state. They said that since their online registration system is not upgraded according to the new norms, the re-registration work will be done manually in the RTO offices situated in Sarvodaya Nagar.

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