Government hospitals in Uttar Pradesh are once again in the line of fire after five deaths were reported within 24 hours at the Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital here. Relatives of patients who died have alleged that the AC plant for the ICU had not been working for several days.

 To provide relief to the patients, windows and doors around the wing were opened but relatives say it was not enough because of the intense heat across the city. 

They say they even had to use hand fans to try and bring some relief to the patients. It was not enough and between Wednesday and Thursday, as many as five patients died.

Saurabh Agarwal, in-charge for the ICU wing has admitted that the ACs were not working but has refused allegations that the deaths happened due to it. He claimed that patients in ICU are in serious conditions and that the deaths that occurred were because of natural reasons. 

The principal of Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College too has said that the deaths happened because of cardiac arrest and chronic illnesses.

An Axis Bank ATM located in Marble Market of Kanpur on Sunday dispensed fake currency notes with 'Children Bank of India' printed on them.

“I came to withdraw Rs 10,000. One of the notes dispensed had 'Children Bank' printed on it. We complained to the ATM guard who noted it down in his register. We are being told that action will be taken and our notes would be changed on Monday,” said Sachin, one of the two men who had withdrawn cash from the ATM.

“We came to know that two people had withdrawn Rs 20,000 and Rs 10,000 from the said ATM. They received 1 note each of Rs 500 with Children's Bank printed on that. The ATM has been shut down. Investigation is underway,” said SP South Kanpur.

A former block head's teenage daughter was allegedly raped and poisoned to death today in Makrandpur-Kotra village here, the police said.

The body of the girl was found dumped this morning in a cattle enclosure behind her house, they said. The girl's father said that his daughter, a first year BSc student, had got a telephone call in the early hours of today while her family members were fast asleep and went outside.

Senior Superintendent of Police Akhilesh Kumar Meena said that he has obtained the call details of the girl who was in touch with several local youths, including her tutor. A case has been registered on charges of rape and murder and the body has been sent for post-mortem, the police said.

Two person killed and two others injured after a section of a commercial complex collapsed in Kanpur's Narauna Chauraha. 

 The persons were working in the basement of the complex when a part of the building collapsed. A report claimed the incident took place after the owner of the building asked labourers to excavate some portion of the land in its basement.

The accident turned fatal when three of the labourers got buried in the debris. After a brief rescue operation, the labourers were shifted to nearest hospital. While two of them were declared dead, another labourer’s condition remains critical and is battling for life in the hospital. Eyewitnesses further told that another multi-level parking is under construction beside the place of incident.


In the cruel incident, a Class student in Uttar Pradesh suffered serious injuries on his leg after school authorities cuts of his denim pant as punishment for not wearing school uniform.

In Kanpur's Sikander town the student enters class room to take his exams, dressed in jeans.

Angry over this, the school manager took a pair of scissors and simply cut of the jeans. In the process, the student's thighs were injured. 

“The school manager didn't listen to my child, he just cut off his jeans and then used the scissors on his legs,” said Vinod Pal, the father of victim, 

“The manager should have sent him back home if he was not wearing the school dress. Such behavior is not tolerable,” he added.A case has been registered by the police.