The Uttar Pradesh police investigating in the Brightland School knifing incident, where Class 1 student stabbed by class 7th girl, the brutal incident brought back the memory of Gurgaon’s Ryan International School murder.

The police probing line suggested the the crime was carried out under influence of the deadly mobile game — ‘Blue Whale Challenge.’

A senior police officer said, “We are investigating the case in all angles. Some school officials had raised a concern that the girl might be playing the deadly game which led to the incident.”

The ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ has become a point of investigation for the police as the game provokes its players especially minors to carry out deadly acts including murder and suicide.

Uttar Pradesh Police earlier in the day arrested Principal of Brightland School for allegedly hiding the knife attack on a class 1 student by a senior student for at least a day.

An officer of Lucknow Police said, “We have arrested Rina Manas, principal of the school.”



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