LUCKNOW: Women's are breaking the barrier for their suppressed condition  in the society; As polling  in Lucknow on November 26 is going to be miraculously special as after 100 years absense Lucknow will create history by electing its first-ever woman mayor. The first Indian mayor was elected in 1917 after UP Municipalities Act came into being in 1916. But in the last 100 years no women have been elected or opted for the head of the municipal body. This is the first  time  the mayoral seat has been reserved for women in Lucknow election. The civic polls are going to be held in the State capital on Sunday  across Uttar Pradesh.

The city got its chance after 100 years after the Uttar Pradesh Municipalities Act came into existence. “But better late than never,” exclaimed Bahujan Samaj Party candidate Bulbul Godiyal. The BSP is organising its polls on its party symbol elephant  after 17 years. Sanyukta Bhatia feels that now there time has arrived after a long wait.


The Samajwadi Party has selected Meera Vardhan, kin of educationist Acharya Narendra Dev and the Congress has pitched Prema Awasthi, wife of the late former Congress legislator, Surendra Nath.


 In 1916  Barrister Syed Nabiullah became the first Indian to head the local body as and when the Uttar Pradesh Municipalities Act came into force.


In 1948, the Uttar Pradesh government changed the electing procedure of the local body by introducing the concept of administrator and Bhairav Datt Sanwal (ICS) was appointed to the post.


In 1959, the U.P. Municipalities Act, 1916, was replaced by the Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Act by introducing the new pattern for the formation of the municipal corporation (nagar mahapalika) in Lucknow on February 1, 1960 and its election process begun since then. Raj Kumar Shrivastava took the position of mayor .Lucknow was under administrator's rule till January 1960. The administrative system again came into play from February 1, 1966 to July 3, 1968.


BJP Sanyukta Bhatia feels that the mayoral post is now related with the prestige of women. "Ye aadhi aabadi ka maamla hai.. ab auraton ka samay aaya hai...sabhi ko vote dena chahiye (This is now the issue of 50% population (women). The time has arrived for women's to rule and govern the nation. Everyone should vote.


On July 5, 1971 Dauji Gupta elected as a second time mayor  till June 30, 1973. It was during Dauji's term that the mayor's tenure get mixed with that of municipal corporation. As a result, Dauji held office from August 26, 1989 to May 20, 1992. The period from June 30, 1973 to August 26, 1989 marked a absent year of  LMC as there were no elections organised.


 On the intervention of Allahabad high court in 1989, that the government announced local bodies polls. Dauji Gupta elected as a mayor for the third time on August 26, 1989. Then Akhilesh Das occupied the first citizen's slot. However, both of them were elected by head and did not face the election procedure.In 1995, when LMC was reconstituted, Dr SC Rai was elected as mayor and got three terms in office. 

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