Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday says that there will be no compromise on security after a powerful explosive PETN found under thee seat of leader of opposition in state Vidhan Sabha on July 12. He further said ,''NIA should investigate the matter.''

The chief Minister confirms that the government will expose those people who have conspired this terror threat and also it posed a life threat to all public representatives, staffers and 22 crore people of the state.

Adityanath said police verification of the employees is necessary who are working in the Assembly.

The chief minister said that the government cannot compromise with the security of representative for the sake of pleasing people.

Adityanath informed that 150 gram PETN was found in assembly.  He said the nature of the explosive was so powerful that 500 gram of PETN can blow the state assembly.

The chief minister said a Quick Response Team (QRT) will be deployed to counter any such threat in future. He said security guidelines must be issued and everyone must follow them. He added that there will be an arrangement to keep mobile and phones outside the House.  


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