Rajasthan: 2 suspected ISI spies arrested in Jodhpur

Jodhpur: Rajasthan Police on Wednesday arrested two men allegedly for spying for Pakistan in the Rola village of Jodhpur.

The detained spies have been identified as Imamuddin and Deena Gamna a.k.a Deen Mohammad, both aged 55 years. The accused were engaged in spying for Pakistan for some time and were held by the intelligence unit of Rajasthan police, officials said. Both alleged spies have been previously charged by the TDA court.

The accused were under surveillance for some time. They used to pass on information related with the Army through mobile phone, police said.

The accused have been taken to Jaipur for interrogation by intelligence agencies, the police added.

Recently, five persons have been arrested from New Delhi, West Bengal and Jammu and Kashmir in connection with the alleged ISI-linked espionage racket.

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