11 more succumb to swine flu, death toll rises to 2,108

Swine flu claimed the lives of 11 more persons as the death toll across the country breached the 2100-mark while the number of affected by the H1N1 virus shot up to 34,447.

According to data collected by Union Health Ministry till April 2, the death toll rose to 2108. The ministry said that the death toll has increased to 435 in Gujarat, which is the worst hit state in the country. 6,537 cases of swine flu have been reported in the state since January.

The death toll in Rajasthan has risen to 425 with 6,633 persons affected by the H1N1 virus. In Maharashtra 425 persons have lost their lives due to swine flu which has affected 4,692. 305 swine flu deaths have been registered in Madhya Pradesh, where 2,222 people are suffering from the disease.

Karnataka has recorded 85 swine flu deaths with the  number of those affected in the state touching 2,813. Telangana has seen 77 people succumbing to the H1N1 virus. In Punjab, the death toll has climbed to 55 with the death of two more persons while in its neighbouring state of Haryana, the toll has reached 53.

The death toll in Jammu and Kashmir has increased to 20 after one person died in Kashmir while Uttarakhand has  reported 12 casualties so far. The toll in West Bengal has risen to 26 after the death of another person. In Uttar Pradesh, 38 people have died of swine flu.

In Delhi, 12 people have died of the disease while the  number of those affected is 4,247. Andhra Pradesh has registered 22 swine flu deaths while  the death toll has increased in Chhattisgarh to 23 after another person perished to the disease.

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