Shameful! Udaipur Villagers humilates the hostage lovers, after beating shackled them naked with the tree

A shameful incident took place in Udaipur's Casotia Kanod village where villagers themselves take the justice into their hands.

The incident came into the light when the photographs of this heinous act have become viral on whats app .

Actually, the couple who fled from their home on 17 June brought back by the villagers.

They kept the couple as a hostage for two days.

Not only this, the brutal villagers had paraded a married woman with her lover naked in the village and made MMS of this heinous act too.

Meanwhile they also demanded two lakh rupees from the lover family. who had came to release him.But they settled the issue in eighty thousand rupees.

After paying eighty thousand ransom money the family members were able to took him back to his home but when the woman family members came to see her they were locked in a room.

Any how the brother of the woman managed to escape and lodged a police report. Police have registered a case and started their investigation.

In this case the police took the whole village in their scrutiny and so far, 10 men and 3 women were got arrested.

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