Pratapgarh: A major train accident happened in Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday morning. The two coaches of goods train derailed. 

According to the sources, as the information about the incident received by the railway staff, the team reached the spot and after a long stroke, the track was repaired. Due to this, the train traffic on Lucknow-Varanasi route was interrupted. At the same time,  the Inter-City train moving from Varanasi to Lucknow,  stranded in the outskirts of the city.

After this incident, the operation of trains on the busy rail route of Lucknow-Varanasi ceased for two hours.


Uttar Pradesh: A case of gang rape took place in Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh. It is alleged that a young man along with his four companions kidnapped a girl and raped her in three different states. Later, the accused culprits left the victim in Jhansi and escaped.

According to the sources, the heinious incident took place in Dhaura from Mouranipur police station area. The victim lives in this village along with her family.

The victim told the police that the case was about 15 days ago. Her father had gone to the village for wages and the mother went to the farm to feed her goats. Meanwhile, she was heading towards the farm for defecation. Suddenly, five people riding in two bikes arrived and a young man named Goti Ram riding a bike abducted her. The accused culprit Goti Ram brought her to Jhansi, from here he headed to Gurgaon and raped her for three days. Further, the alleged culprit took her to Faridabad and then to Bihar and again he raped her. It is alleged that the accused fled away after leaving the victim to Mauranipur police station area.

According to the statement given by the victim to the police, she clarified that out of 5 men only one accused Goti Ram raped her.

According to the sources, the victim somehow reached her house in the village and informed her parents about the incident. The victim reached to the Superintendent of police of Jhansi and appealed for justice.

Officer of Mouranipur area said that the matter is being taken in cognition. On the basis of  victims complaint, orders have been issued  and case had been registred in the police station.

Investigation is underway.


Bahraich: The painfull incident of suicide took place in Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh. A student committed suicide by hanging himself. 

According to the information, 20-year-old Sandeep Tiwari, resident of Fakhrpur area used to stay in rented room at Banjari junction. His dead body found hanging in the room on Sunday.

The allegations made by the student, that a married woman had trapped him in her love and then forcefully made physical relationship. The student further said that the woman later started blackmailing him.

Sources revealed that the student got deppressed and embraced death. A suicide note had been recovered by the police from the spot. The police had sent the body to the post-mortem and started investigating the matter.

According to the police official, a few minutes before the death, the deceased made a call to his brother-in-law and told him about all the incident and also about the self-harm.

According to brother-in-law, Sandeep had called him before he died and had told him, that a woman living next to Sandeep's room had trapped him in her love affair and  both of them were physically involved, but now she is threatening him.

Now he has no other way than suicide. In the suicide note found in the room, the same woman was specified as the reason for suicide.

The students family members lodged an F.I.R and the case had been registered by the police.The investigation is underway.

Sultanpur: A shocking incident took place in Sultanpur. An unknown man walked into a restaurant, shot it's owner and left without much of the resistance here.

According to the police oficials, the unknown man opened fire at the hotel owner at Avantica restaurant after a small scuffle. In a day, a serious arguments, emerged between the accused and the waiter in the restaurant over the food parcel, being the owner of the restaurant Mr Arya intervened in between and tried to pacify the man.

According to the details prevailed, the restaurant is located near to the district Collectors house and Sultanpur jail.

According to the police official, the restaurant owner Alok Arya is in a critical condition and referred to Trauma Center in Lucknow. Alok Arya is also associated with RSS.

The incident was captured in the CCTV and on the basis of the footage recorded three people were identified and have been taken into custody.

Investigation is underway.


Hamirpur: A case to purify a temple with Gangajal had been emerged in Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh. A woman MLA of BJP had entered the temple, after which the temple was all purified with Gangajal. It is believed that women's entry in the temple is prohibited. As, it is followed that if womens will enter the temple then the whole area will not receive rain.

According to the information, the case belonged to the Muskurra Khurd village of Rath Block. In the village, at Dhumri's ashram a statue of Dhumr Rishi is placed and the entry of women is prohibited. Women can only offer prayer from outside the temple area.

Sources revealed, on July 12, BJP legislator of Rath Assembly, Manisha Anuragi visited the Muskurra village to attend a school program. After the school function, she reached the ashram and worshiped in the temple of Dhumr Rishi.

When the villagers saw the woman MLA in the temple premises, the stir generated among the villagers and the ashram and temple were purified by washing it with Gangajal.